Preventive Services

Dental Exams

Your dental health is our highest priority. To ensure we spot any and all dental problems, we offer comprehensive oral exams facilitated by Digital Radiographs and Laser Decay Detection. Early detection allows us to treat any issues before they become major problems.

Dental Cleanings

As most dental problems are caused by the accumulation of harmful bacteria in your mouth, cleaning your teeth is important for good oral health. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth is important, but at-home care alone isn't enough. Professional dental cleanings are essential to properly prevent dental problems, and our staff of friendly and skilled hygienists are ready to help! A thorough exam and cleaning will ensure your mouth stays healthy, and flouride treatments and supplements can protect teeth of any age.

We also go beyond cleanings to offer dietary advice to help people avoid harmful foods, and oral hygiene instruction to help you keep your teeth healthy between cleanings. We will help in any way to ensure good oral health.

Restorative Services

If you have tooth decay or trauma, these issues can lead to much larger dental problems if left untreated. Modern dental techniques and materials allow us to restore damaged teeth to function with strength and beauty. Best of all, a dental restoration will also protect your surrounding teeth and keep you free from further complications down the road. Give us a call immediately to set up a consultation.

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